Day 30 – Handover from Team 5 to Team 6, Saturday 7th September, Part 3

First things first.  Once we’d been checked in to the accommodation, had a cup of coffee and a custard cream, it was time to sort out the important things.  Mascots.


Something of a tradition had been established by the previous teams of allowing stuffed toys to ride along with the relay to show their support.  The sad absence of Benny the bull (who apparently  went on vacation to Geneva) noted, we made do with the array of animals presented to us by Team 5.

 2013-09-07 17.04.05

It did change the tone of my bike.  As did most of the others.  The highland cow with the ever-altering hairstyle, for example.


Or the water-filled cow that moos like a duck.


Neil (our support driver) had a good sort out and clean of the van (he hoped it would stay this nice!) and we all got our bikes all tweaked ready to go in the morning.  Once the route had been checked over for tomorrow, we headed out to dinner.

2013-09-07 18.27.35

There were a surprising number of restaurants on the waterfront, but we plumped for Wagamama, a euphemism for Mountains of Noodles.

2013-09-07 19.09.10

Quickly followed by an early night.

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