Day 33 – Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition, Durham, Tuesday 10th September

Ravenous from the efforts of the preceding day, the full English breakfast and lavish spread that awaited us in the dining hall was extremely welcome.  As was being free to eat for ten men.

There were duties to be done, laundry to be cleaned, bikes to be washed, blog posts to be written, and photos to be uploaded, but the highlight of the day was undoubtedly to be the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition.

We had very kindly been furnished with tickets to this popular attraction, and as an English literature Ph.D. student, I was particularly excited to see the long-travelled treasures of the British Museum.


Scheduled for 1pm, the rain thankfully held off, which meant that the humidity didn’t cause further problems for the staff of the exhibition who were subject to the strict conditions of the loan that dictated the maintenance of a controlled environment.

The team emerged cultured, then topped of the experience with a visit to the cathedral quarter and a dose of Durham’s history.



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