Day 34 – Durham to Chatton, Wednesday 11th September

After being told that what looked like a bridge over the Tyne on our map was actually a closed tunnel, a re-route through Newcastle was scheduled for a little way into the journey.  This would be quite a contrast to the peacefulness of Van Mildert.


But we were off, towards the Cheviot Hills and Chatton, where a bunkhouse awaited our arrival.

Day 34

If our second day was anything to go by, it was set to be a little hillier than it looks on the map.  Not deterred, Team 6 started off up the A167 and made time for a quick visit to the Angel of the North.


Then over the river and on through the city.


At least the weather was looking up.


Another long day, and the team arrived in Chatton, greeted by Jane Ord with a quaint little farmhouse and a wood stove to make the now chilly evening more pleasant.


There was even time to enjoy the scenery.


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