Day 37 – Ceremonial Handover in St Andrews, Part 1

The first task of the day was collecting and emptying the support van.  Despite Neil’s best efforts at cleaning and tidying it, around 8 weeks and 3 countries worth of stuff had been accumulated and tucked away in the corners.  There was also a mountain of spares that were meant to be there.

All of this threatened to take forever, but, as if by magic, along came Jude and Christianne from Team 3, Ever to Excycle.  They kindly offered their services, making the whole thing much more pleasant, and before I knew it a mere wooden shell remained where had once been tonnes of cardboard.

My next job was to straighten the sashes and sort out the numbers, checking that we had enough safety pins.

Soon I was meeting Jenny from Team 4, T.R.E.C.C. to give her a spare bike since she had travelled from Inverness, and meeting Stacy from Team 6, Amici Ludi who had kindly offered to transport the sashes etc. to our meeting place, and we were off!

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