Day 37 – Ceremonial Handover in St Andrews, Part 2

Day 37

We met at Dean’s Court, the postgraduate student residence opposite the cathedral at 15:45.  Our security team, coordinated by Stewart Davidson, met us there and we went over the plan of action before it was relayed to the teams.

Once everyone knew what was happening and after many iterations of “ONCE around the quad.  Stop at the cloisters.  In your teams” the anxious waiting really began.

“The Younger Hall is emptying, it should be about ten minutes.”

Malcolm, one of the only members of the Principal’s Office not tied up in the Academic Summit, got a puncture.

Frantically, pumps were sent to the rescue, but to no avail.  Christianne (Team 3) was called to bring her bike (she didn’t have a helmet with her so she couldn’t ride in) in case we needed to swap them.

“Under five minutes – they are securing the quad.”

It was a slow, a leaking valve.  Jim (Team 6) whipped off the wheel and changed the tube in barely any time at all.  Malcolm was ready to go.

We lined up, Team 1, The Principal’s Office, first.  Then Team 2, Gestion Verte, followed by Team 3, Ever to Excycle.  Team 4, T.R.E.C.C. were close behind, then Team 5, The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and last but not least, Team 6, Amici Ludi.

“They’re ready for you.”

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