Day 37 – Ceremonial Handover in St Andrews, Part 3

We headed in our teams along North Street towards St Salvator’s Chapel and Quad, where the University flag was flying high.

The rogue pedestrians and cars reversing out of parking spaces aside, the road was closed, and bystanders lined the street applauding.  Heading over the famous “PH”, the students amongst us were more than a little hesitant, but we decided that being on wheels rather than feet meant that the superstition didn’t apply.


We’d been told there was quite the crowd in there, but I didn’t really expect this…


  We entered to rapturous applause.

“Don’t fall off, don’t fall off, don’t fall off” was all that was going through my head at least, well, and “don’t drop the Bull, don’t drop the Bull.”

Safely around 1, 2, and 3 sides, “unclip, unclip, unclip,” and I’m coming to a stop towards the end of the line.  Here it was, the moment we had all been waiting for since August 5th when the first of us left St Andrews.

“Let’s get this over with.”


Such a relief!


And now for a team photo, Papal Bull Cycle Relay, 2013.  Those of you who could not join us today were sorely missed.


The Principal, Louise Richardson, having completed Leg 1 and crossed the Pyrenees with her team, congratulated everyone on their achievement and we all shared a few stories.


Team 2 must have been explaining how they coaxed Jan up a Munro (by not telling her it was coming).


And Team 3 perhaps narrated the tale of how Christianne crashed into a sign that said “slow down.”


And this must have been about the sacrifice of Phil the Bear to the white van population of Essex.

What’s missing from this scenario?  Cake.


Happy Birthday, St Andrews!


And well done, everyone!


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