Meet the Teams

Team 1 – The Office of the Principal


Neville Richardson

Neville Richardson, Team Captain

Neville Richardson is both the Master of the United College and a Professor of Physical Chemistry, a working life that keeps him rather busy.  When he can garner some free time, he likes to fill it with outdoor activities.  His main interests are in ski mountaineering, cycling and sea kayaking, and where better to undertake an outdoor adventure than in Northeast Spain and the Pyrenees.


Jen Burr

Jen Burr, Team Member

Jen Burr is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Medicine at the University.  She is a keen tennis player and enjoys days in the hills.


Roy Drummond

Roy Drummond, Team Member

Roy is the University’s Chief Legal Officer, and still thinks he is 18. However the training regime for Leg 1 of the Relay, which will take the Principal’s Office team over the Pyrenees at the hottest time of the year, tells a different story! When not recovering from spin classes and lycra compression damage, Roy enjoys playing tennis and golf, skiing and hill walking. He is looking forward to this unique challenge, and to living to tell the tale.

Tom Jevon

Tom Jevon, Team Member 

Tom Jevon is a family doctor who divides his time between Massachusetts and St Andrews. He received his BA degree in History and Literature from Harvard University before attending case Western Medical School. A keen swimmer, he regularly runs the length of the West Sands and then swims the Eden Estuary. When the weather is cooler he runs half marathons with his daughter, Fiona.


Malcolm MacLeod

Malcolm MacLeod, Team Member

Malcolm is Provost of St Leonard’s College and Head of the new research graduate school. He hasn’t cycled seriously for the past thirty years but has managed to muster enough puff to blow the dust of his bike. Currently ‘in training’ and now sports a fine set of bruises courtesy of falling off his bike more than once! He is also an inveterate optimist as evidenced by the use of shorts even in sub-zero conditions.

Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson, Team Member

Louise Richardson is Principal of the University of St Andrews. Born by the sea side in Ireland, she moved to America for graduate school and stayed there for 25 years. She is not an experienced cyclist but expects to be by the time the papal relay begins. She is thrilled to be leading the university at such an extraordinarily exciting time in our history.

Team 2 – Gestion Verte


David Stutchfield

David Stutchfield, Team Captain

David is the Energy Officer in the University Estates team.  Aside from efficiency, he is most looking forward to cycling in the heat and sunshine, being fortunate enough to captain a picturesque ride through Southern France.  He envisages that the shared wine and friendship will ease the difficulties of the ride, but thinks that the ride itself will be nothing compared to the grueling 26-hour bus ride down to Perpignan.

Jan Bebbington

Jan Bebbington, Team Member

Jan is a Professor of Accounting and Sustainable Development in the School of Management, and heads the St Andrews Sustainability Institute.  She, unsurprisingly, likes all things green and responsible… She is looking forward to enjoying the scenery that the team will pass though, and to the wineries and long lunches in the shade with a bit of cycling thrown in for good measure.

Huw Davies

Huw Davies, Team Member

Huw is a Professor of Health Care Policy and Management in the School of Management by trade.  He also has more bikes than shoes, one of which is lighter than his cat and a lot easier to ride.  Huw is primarily looking forward to eating his own body weight in croissants and justifying it by the amount he has cycled.

Rhona McLaren

Rhona McLaren, Team Member

Currently a Research Fellow in the School of Management, Rhona will be starting a Ph.D. after the conclusion of the relay.  A Fife lass with a fondness for rowing, cycling and the outdoors, Rhona is looking forward to cycling around and sampling the local produce in the South of France.  This will make a pleasant change from braving the winds of the East Neuk of Fife.


Sandra Nutley

Sandra Nutley, Team Member

Sandra is a Professor of Public Policy and Management in the School of Management, a well as the Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation.  She has dusted off her 1965 Cycling Proficiency Certificate and is hoping that modern gears will compensate for ageing legs. She usually rides a tandem and is looking forward to seeing more than the bum in front.

Georgina Stutchfield

Georgina Stutchfield, Team Member

Georgina is the Transition Project Officer in the University’s Estates team.  She loves cycle touring in her vacations, and is looking forward to seeing this part of France.  She will, however, be issuing the rest of the team with water pistols in order to keep her cool since too much time in Scotland has left her unaccustomed to the southern heat.

Team 3 – Ever to Excycle


Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 19.16.06

 Judith Telford, Team Captain

Team Role: The Bossy-boots

Nickname: Trenchfoot Telford

Hi, my name is Jude and 4th year Ph.D. student in Biophysics, working to design drugs against Chagas disease. As an undergraduate at the University of St Andrews I struggled with a number of personal issues and naively planned a group cycle tour from St Andrews to Paris to raise money for Save the Children. As well as raising more than £5000 for charity, the trip changed my life. Since then I have completed 2 further (and longer) tours and am thrilled to have the privilege of captaining this team in the relay. I have captained the University’s women’s rugby team, of which we are all members, sharing a passion for sport and for each other.

Agnes Chauvet

Agnes Chauvet, Team Member

Team Role: The Translator

Nickname: Angus

Hi, I’m Agnes. I’m a 1st year International Relations student. I just thought I would get a bike and cycle as far as I could this summer, and then an opportunity to join the cycle relay was proposed. So, I signed-up, since I thought it would be nicer to share this experience with some good friends!

Victoria Elder

Victoria Elder, Team Member 

Team Role: The Motivator

Nickname: Darth Velder

Hi, I’m Victoria Elder, and I’m currently in my 5th year at the University studying Chemistry. I enjoy challenging myself in sporting events, and at age 23, I think the relay is a great opportunity to seize. I have never cycled across the south of France, and I’m very excited and honoured to be able to represent the University at the same time.

Christianne Fahey

Christianne Fahey, Team Member

Team Role: The Muscle

Nickname: The Fahenator

I am Christianne Fahey and I am working toward a BSc in Science. Studying at St Andrews has changed my life and I can’t wait to be part of this challenging trip. I received full blues for Boxing and have been selected into the Scotland series for rugby, but I have never attempted any endurance sports. I love a challenge and I love the people I am going with. This is the perfect way to spend my summer.

Louisa Henson

Louisa Henson, Team Member

Team Role: The Cheerleader

Nickname: The Sleeper

I’m Louisa, a 1st year Sustainable Development and Arabic student. I’ve always loved sports and fitness but have never had the chance to cycle seriously. This trip seems like the perfect opportunity for me to experience a new sport and provides me with a new goal to reach, all whilst being set in a beautiful country. It’s also going to be a lot of fun getting to know my teammates better! I wouldn’t spend my summer any other way!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 19.12.24

Rebecca Hjemdahl, Team Member

Team Role: The Trainer

Nickname: Becks “Magic hands”

I’m Becks, a 2nd year psychologist, 23 years old. I heard all the coolest kids in town were cycling through beautiful France, so I couldn’t let this opportunity go. I love sports and really enjoy being part of a team. I have always wanted to start cycling a bit more seriously than to classes and Morrisons on my city bike, however it seemed like a bit of a lonely pursuit. With this adventure I get to be part of a team, in a beautiful part of France, seeing things AND getting the exercise at the same time. Perfect.

Emma Lunney

Emma Lunney, Team Member

Team Role: The Tent Putter-upper

Nickname: Mighty Mouse

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a 1st year student in International Relations. I’ve always played sports but have never had the chance to take on a real challenge with cycling. So when I heard about the trip I thought it would be a great chance to get in the saddle – and the questionable cycling shorts – for real, see a beautiful country, and spend time with some great girls! Can’t wait!


Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 19.14.48

Sarah Thompson, Team Member

Team Role: The Co-ordinator

Nickname: Thompson

I’m Sarah, a 4th year German student. I got into cycling on my year abroad last year, and really enjoyed getting out and about and seeing new places on my bike. I’m really looking forward to experiencing a new part of the world, and to the opportunity to represent the University while having lots of fun with my friends at the same time!


Team 4 – T.R.E.C.C. 


Brian Jacobson

Brian Jacobson, Team Captain

Nominal Leader

Brian joined St Andrews in September 2012 as a Lecturer in Film Studies. An on-again, off-again cyclist since his teens, he eagerly signed on for the 600th Anniversary Cycle as an excuse to spend more time cycling around Fife and getting to know his new colleagues. Brian frequently visits Paris for his research (about French film history) and looks forward both to cruising over familiar cobblestones and, especially, to eating his way across the countryside on the way to Calais.

Sarah Easterby-Smith

 Sarah Easterby-Smith, Team Member

Chief Assistant to Support Driver

Sarah joined St Andrews as a Lecturer in Modern History in September 2012 and immediately signed up to join the 600th Anniversary ride. In those heady days, it all seemed to make sense: what better way to meet new people, explore Fife, get fit AND bond with her new institution, than by bicycle?! The icing on the cake was when Sarah’s step-dad Oliver volunteered/was persuaded to accompany the support van. Northern France has also been in part the subject of Sarah’s research (which is about botany and gardening in the eighteenth century), and she is looking forward to escaping the archive and discovering more about the area at a (relatively) leisured pace.

Oliver Fulton, Team Member

Support Staff

Oliver Fulton is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at Lancaster University, but spends more of his time these days as a busy trustee of a local environmental charity in Lancaster. His connections with St Andrews are vicarious but manifold: roped in to TRECC by Sarah, his step-daughter (q.v.), he is also descended from two generations of St Andrews graduates, one of whom (his grandfather) even became Principal of University College, Dundee, all while it was still part of St Andrews. Oliver has been in vans in the UK, California and British Columbia but never until now in France… He is a keen if distinctly leisurely cyclist, advancing years having taken a slight toll on his enthusiasm for hills.

Philip Goose

Philip Goose, Team Member


Philip is a recent graduate of St Andrews, having studied Mediaeval History.  A passionate runner with a personal best of 3:09:59 from Dublin in 2012, Philip is keen to turn his legs to a new challenge.  He is looking forward to getting tucked into a few days cycling through France and putting some big turns in up front for the team.  He is also determined to take the sprint for the stage win on the Champs-Élysées.

Alasdair Johnston

Alasdair Johnston, Team Member

Alasdair is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying for an MPhys degree in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.  One of the reasons he chose to study at St Andrews was that he found it very appealing to be a student here during the 600th anniversary celebrations. He enjoys cycling tremendously for fitness and pleasure and can think of no better way to be a part of the history of this institution. He studies French as part of the evening language degree and is very much looking forward to cycling through Paris and Northern France. He is also excited for the challenge and getting fitter in preparation for the cycle.

Jenny Wares

Jenny Wares, Team Member

Jenny is due to finish her M.Res. in Medicine this summer and thinks this would be a great way to celebrate her time with the University.  She is looking forward to breakfasts of fresh croissants, picnics in the countryside and a little bit of cycling in between!  Turbo the dog would love to come too but will be supporting the T.R.E.C.C. team from home instead.

Team 5 –  The Independent Order of Odd Fellows


Jim Naismith

Jim Naismith, Team Captain

Jim teaches and researches at the interface of chemistry and biology in the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC). He has worked in St Andrews for over 18 years. As he cycles in and out of work every day, he thought this would be a bit of fun and aims to get it done without wearing Lycra.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown, Team Member

Tom is a teacher and researcher in the School of Physics and Astronomy and also a member of the St Andrews Coastguard Rescue team.  Tom came back to cycling after a long lay off about a year ago and manages the commute from Anstruther about 3 days a week as well as other competitions and trips out.  Being a lad from Lincolnshire, Tom is particularly keen to see his home county from a bike and is looking forward to the final ride up Lindum Hill!

Ewan Chirnside

Ewan Chirnside, Team Member

I’m Director of the KT Centre and the Papal Bull Relay is an opportunity for a little organised cycling, a challenge to train towards and an opportunity to meet and make new friends. I am a keen but time-poor leisure cyclist and I’ve tried my hand at most forms of cycling over the years but recently have spent more energy supporting my son with his SXC mountainbike racing than doing anything too strenuous myself. I have been known to wear Lycra, but for comfort & speed, not fashion!

Gordon Florence

Gordon Florence, Team Member

Gordon is a synthetic organic chemist who joined the University in 2005. Cycle skills were honed on the mean streets and towpaths of Cambridge, and as a weekend cyclist can be found either on the roads of Fife or in the middle of nowhere on a mountain bike. I have ridden the Trossachs Ton and plan a return to the West Highland Way after my first attempt was curtailed by a pub-related injury. As well as riding, I’m a fettler and have recently turned my hand to wheel building, but hopefully the latter won’t be required on the Dover-Lincoln run.

Ray Glen

Ray Glen, Team Member

Ray is a cleaner for the University Estates team, and is based in the BSRC building. He has worked for the University for 6 years. An avid cyclist, he is looking forward to conquering the Dover-Lincoln leg and a few well earned beers.

Andy Goor

Andy Goor, Team Member

Andy is the Finance Director for the University and is looking forward to taking part in the Papal Bull Relay. As a keen mountain biker, he has ridden many trails across the UK, but enjoys going down more than going up. Being a Lincolnshire Yellow-belly, he took up mountain biking after he moved to Scotland 17 years ago. There aren’t any mountains in Lincolnshire! As a baggy-clothed mountain biker, the opportunity to wear lycra was key in deciding to take part, with the added bonus of meeting new cycling colleagues and cycling across his old patch.

Stuart MacNeill

Stuart MacNeill, Team Member

Stuart is a molecular geneticist who joined the University of St Andrews in 2009. A Reader in the School of Biology, he leads a research group working to better understand the mechanisms our cells use to accurately copy our genetic material and how this helps us to avoid genetic diseases such as cancer. Stuart is a keen cycle commuter, weekend cyclist and Lycra wearer. He is particularly looking forward to scaling the mountainous peaks of Lincolnshire on his journey North.

Clive Masson

Clive Masson, Team Member

Clive is the school administrator for the School of Medicine.  Although he is normally pre-occupied with mountaineering and competitive orienteering he cycles for low-impact fitness training.  He owns quite a lot of lycra and will wear what the weather dictates!

Lesley Torrance

Lesley Torrance, Team Member

Lesley is a virologist with research interests in virus-host and virus-vector interactions, appointed in 2011.  Although she is a regular at ‘spin’ classes her experience of road cycling is limited to Sunday afternoon outings and short trips to the paper shop.  However, the Papal Bull Relay was the stimulus needed to get a proper road bike (pictured above), get started on a new sporting challenge and meet more colleagues.  Sincerely hope the weather  improves for our pre-relay training rides.

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson, Team Member

An electrician in Estates for about 18 years, Bill has decided to do the Papal Bull Relay as a possible swansong before retirement. As a precursor to the relay, and as an indicator of his fitness for the event, he cycled from Inverness to Aberdeen using the National Cycle route last October in 3 days.  He is looking forward to the challenge, the training, the pints of Guinness and the blackcurrant jam scone to give him energy for the next day. The picture shows Bill at Robin Hood’s Bay after completing the C2C walk. Let’s hope the weather is the same in Lincoln.

Team 6 –  Amici Ludi


Rachel Holmes

Rachel Holmes, Team Captain

Papal Bull Cycle Relay Coordinator

Rachel is entering the final year of her Ph.D. in the School of English and could think of no better way to bring her time at the University of St Andrews to a close than participating in and leading this historical relay.  She took up cycling to recover from a serious Road Traffic Accident and met and started cycling with her team through spin classes.  She is looking forward to taking up this challenge with them.

Martin Dean

Martin Dean, Team Member


Martin is a retired member of staff and a Senior Research Fellow in the School of History.  As an active marine archaeologist and geophysicist he now spends most of his time working for a University spin-out company, ADUS, surveying shipwrecks that are an environmental hazard.  50 years ago he regularly entered time trials but he has only been cycling seriously again for the last 12 months in an attempt to be a thinner, fitter 70 year old.

Stacy DeRuiter

Stacy DeRuiter, Team Member


Stacy is a research fellow in the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling in the School of Mathematics & Statistics, where she tries to understand how whales change their behaviour in response to military sonar and other noise.  When snow permits, she cycles from Arncroach to St. Andrews by the hilliest possible route, and is excited to explore more of the U.K. on two wheels.  She also loves drinking coffee, walking her dogs, and trying to get people to listen to her talking about her dogs.  This is the ideal opportunity for the latter.


Freddie Fforde

Freddie Fforde, Team Member


Originally from London, Freddie was an undergraduate in Modern History at St Andrews before taking over as the President of the Students’ Association in July 2012. As President he has focused on the redevelopment of the Association building and on student involvement in the University’s Your600th campaign. His interests range from golf and football to the history of the town and the University, and now to cycling.  He views this cycle as the perfect encapsulation of his time here.

Jim Hedley

Jim Hedley, Team Member


Jim is both the Principal’s Chauffeur at the University and a driver for the doctors on call at St Andrews Community Health Centre.  When he is not driving others around, he enjoys the freedom and fresh air afforded to him by cycling.  He is looking forward to chasing down mountain bikers in team pursuit and to a few big breakfasts before big cycles.  He hopes the support vehicle will enable him to fix mechanical faults without needing to be too inventive.


Tony Linney

Tony Linney, Team Member


Tony is both a plumber for the University Estates team and a long-serving member of the Fife Fire and Rescue Service, jobs he sees as putting something back into the community.  When he is not on call, he takes advantage of this by cycling far away from St Andrews and laughing at his teammates.  He hopes to keep them on the right route and is sure that 7 days with them will give him a good laugh.

Ally Tulleth

Ally Tulleth, Team Member

Fitness Coach

Ally is a fitness coach at the University Sports Centre and East Sands Leisure Centre, in addition to teaching fitness classes in the local community.  When not exercising and pushing people at work, she is out on her bike, pushing us up the hills.  She cannot wait to cycle for 5 days straight and is looking forward clocking up the miles, to the hill climbs, and to occasionally realising our location. 

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